Friday, September 9, 2011

Busy, Busy Bentz House!

It's only been a week since our last post, but it has been a busy week! School is underway and Jake is getting acclimated to his new routine. Early to bed and early to rise! And he LOVES playing with his new friends Emma and Libby every day.

In addition to getting used to our new normal Jake has continued to surprise us each day with something new. First it was creeping, then it was crawling. We've changed his activity mat into a tunnel and oh, is that fun!

One night I was getting dinner ready and I heard him start coming toward the kitchen looking for me. Suddenly I couldn't hear him anymore...must have gotten distracted. I came looking for Jake and found this new adventure!

Anyone who has seen Jake since the day he was born has commented on the amount of hair he has. It's quite something. Try as I might to get to the one year mark before his first haircut, we couldn't wait any longer. Daddy was getting a haircut so we tagged along. They did a GREAT first haircut for Jake! Then they used some gel and spiked it. Daddy filmed it, Jake survived it, and Mom nearly cried! All in all, it was a success! We came home that night and Daddy had time to move the crib mattress down. With the little adventure man we thought better safe than sorry! Two big changes in one night!

Today's photo op was before and after lunch. While I was getting lunch ready Jake was exploring the kitchen island. After lunch he was full of giggles and gave me this great picture.

Does it get any better than this?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer is filled with fun, friends, and FOOD!

Since the last post summer kept on ticking at a beautifully slow pace. To say I enjoyed being home with my little man is such an understatement! We enjoyed long stroller walks, going to library story times, making dinner and treats for Daddy, it was bliss. And it was busy! Look at everything we did!

We had to get a new bathtub for our BIG VACATION! We drove down to Oklahoma so Jake could meet his Auntie Angela, Uncle Erik, and cousins!

Jake is all ready for our trip to Oklahoma! We packed up and headed out at bedtime. Too bad little man didn't sleep all that well on the way down! Jake had a great time meeting his Auntie, Uncle, and cousins for the first time!!!

"I'm sorry Mama -- did you want this calendar for something??"

In the beginning of August we trekked down to Illinois with Sue to see our friend Erin and her beautiful girls. A few weeks later they added another baby girl to their mix! Can't wait to go visit again and see our new playmate!

It wouldn't be a Wisconsin summer without our first time swimming! Jake LOVED every minute of swimming in a big swimming pool! Big smiles!

Another August playdate: Jake's other best bud came over to play! Will is about a month older than Jake. They will be playmates for life, I can see it now!

Messy face! The child loves his food, that's for sure!

As if a first time swimming wasn't exciting enough, we also tried our first time swimming in a lake! Thank you to Mr. Pfalz for taking Jake into the lake! Mom was so excited to get to the lake with Jake I completely forgot my own suit!!

I always seem to find a monthly picture or two that CRACK me up! Jake was not in the mood for pictures this month, mostly because it was a hinderance to all the adventures around the house. I look at this picture and can practically hear him saying, "No, I don't wanna...." Oh, boy....let's not start that already!!

But then, sweet boy that he is, he gave me a GREAT one to finish the day!

And now....summer is done....relaxing days have been replaced with hectic days....Jake now goes to bed earlier to get up MUCH earlier....he has a new sitter (whom he loves)....and school is in full swing! Mama will be relying on pictures even more since I'll be missing so much while I'm busy at work! Can't wait to see what this little guy has in store for us next!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sizzling Summer Snapshots

As I looked through my June pictures it took me a moment to figure out why there weren't many pictures from the beginning of the month. Then I remembered -- I was relishing every moment of being home with my little man! Sure, I could have taken out the camera every time we played peek-a-boo or flying airplane, but that would have been a little ridiculous. Truth is, the first few weeks I truly enjoyed getting up whenever Jake got up, drinking my coffee (whether it be hot, lukewarm, or rewarmed in the microwave two, three, four times...).

Our morning ritual is my favorite. I typically wake to hear Jake talking and babbling in his crib. "lagabatadoata....." I make my way downstairs where I can still hear his babbling on the downstairs monitor. I get my coffee going, get his bottle ready, put away yesterday's dishes. Pour my coffee and get the bottle and coffee on the coffee table wit the remote. Head upstairs and follow the monologue of my little guy. Suddenly he sees me and all talking stops. He looks at me, wondering if it's his chance to break free or if I'm going to try to get him to sleep longer. When I smile and reach into the crib he, in turn, squeals and smiles at me. FREEDOM!

And thus summer has begun....

A favorite activity we did for the first time was the Dairy Breakfast. Lucky for us we had a seasoned pro to accompany us. Sue and Richard Schoenike were our hosts for the day. With Richard by our side we knew right where to park, and had lots of people to talk with. Jake loved it and I can just see this becoming a tradition in our home!

After the breakfast and checking out the animals we got to head back to the Schoenike house for the grand tour. It was a blast! The house is AMAZING! Thank you, Sue and Rich, for a great day!

As always, I do my monthly pictures with Jake to show his growth, his change, and his progress. This picture just cracks me up! His typical picture, sitting on the love seat. But in this particular picture I feel like he's looking at me as if to say, "You want me to do what, Mama??" Priceless.

As I said before, Jake has always been a good eater. Ever since the beginning he has loved the cereal, the Gerber food, and the homemade food I've prepared. But nothing beats the look on his face when he sees Mama or Daddy eat something and he doesn't get to we thought, "Why not?" Daddy was eating an apple and handed it to Jake. Ooooh, yummy! Daddy almost thought he wasn't going to get that apple back! Among Jake's favorites are: apple-pear-cinnamon-raisin, sweet potato-pea-leek-spinach, peaches-and-blackberries, carrots-corn-potatoes....he's a champ!

With May brings our First Mother's Day....June then brings our First Father's Day. Just as special in our house! Daddy got cards, gifts, hugs, kisses, and the best gift of all -- Daddy got one day to do anything he wanted. He thought about this, and thought.....and thought.....and finally decided. He wanted to nap. :)

So Jake and I headed north and spent some quality Father's Day time with Papa as well. It was a good day all around!

June couldn't finish without at least one big accomplishment! One afternoon, as Jake and I were playing, he really wanted a toy that was just out of reach. This has happened more than once and mean Mama makes him work for said toy. Well, today there was a new determination in his face and sure enough -- he rolled over to that toy!

Daddy wasn't home though. So, as any good Mama would do, I grabbed the video camera and I waited....and waited.... It took awhile, but soon enough he wanted the directions for Daddy's new Wii game. And I got him rolling over, on camera, for Daddy. What a great day!

I just had to finish with this picture. As we settled into our summer routine it was already easy to take some things for granted. We always have a late afternoon nap. Mom always tries to get things straightened up and dinner started before Daddy gets home. Daddy and Jake get some quality time.

This particular evening I was in the kitchen and could hear the simple words as Daddy read Jake's new shape book to him. Very softly I heard, "circle.....semi-circle....squiggle...." I came out to see my boys snuggled in the living room. Jake was hanging on Daddy's every word content to be in Daddy's arms.

*Sigh* Does it get any better than this?!?
Summer is definitely off to a great start!

Memories of May

Since Jake has come into our lives we've had lots of firsts. I don't think I've seen so many in one little month though! As I look back at May's folder of pictures I see how quickly he transformed. Here are just a sampling of his firsts for the month:

This is not the first time Jake was in his Johnny Jump-Up. We'd had him in this since he was about four months old. He has always loved it, he's swing and swing and swing. We almost thought it should be renamed! The Johnny Swing-A-Lot! Then one day we put him in here and suddenly heard a strange noise. We looked over and he had this sneaky little grin on his face. He has mastered the jumping. Boy, was he a happy camper!

One day after a long day of teaching I got home with Jake. I knew I should get moving. Have to make dinner, have to get laundry put away, have to, have to, have to. Then I looked at my little guy and thought, "Nope, it can wait. I want to play." Jake must have liked that idea, too. He celebrated by sitting up. I set him down to play with him, and he didn't lay down! I just looked at him, with this incredulous look on my face, and asked him when he learned to do that?!? Again with the sneaky little grin! I tell ya....

Now, I have to admit, there is no first about it. One lazy Saturday morning, just Jake and I, hanging out and having a grand old time. But that smile. May not be a first for the month, but definitely a favorite!!!

Here we do have the next "first" of the month. It's hard to see, but I promise you it's there. That's right, a tooth! I had to take Jake to the doctor for a rash he had sprouting. While we were in the doctor's office waiting I looked at him and asked, "A tooth?!? When did you do that?!?" (Do you like how I ask him these details? He always smiles at me as if to say, "Oh,'re so funny!") The first tooth sprouted at the end of May. Within six weeks he will sprout six teeth. Busy boy!

Jake's next new favorite? Paper! I'm not sure what it is -- seeing Mama and Daddy playing with this crinkly stuff? Is it the fact that he can crinkle it, crunch it, and rip it? The funny noises that paper can make?? Whatever the reason, this child loves paper. A favorite activity is when I give him a magazine I'm done with. He can have that demolished in record time!

But, the best memory of May for me at least, is our first Mother's Day! It was absolutely perfect! Nana and Papa came down and we all went to church together. Jake was dressed in his best church clothes, he always is! After church we all hiked back up to Hartford and brunched at the Mineshaft. After our photo shoot and a nap Jake and Mommy went on a looooong Mother's Day walk to finish the day.

April Activities

It's hard to believe that last time I updated our blog was four months ago. But, as any teacher can relate, the last two months of school are often the craziest. Likewise, the beginning of summer can be just as crazy adjusting to a newer, slower routine!

But our April was also filled with fun and excitement at home as well! Jake had lots of excitement. He started eating solid foods. And is it a hoot! For the most part he has truly enjoyed every ounce of food that he has tried. Once he figured out how the whole eating process works he has really enjoyed it. He quickly learned how the spoon works and often insists on using the spoon himself. I guess Mom just doesn't feed fast enough!

Another exciting event was going to see Cousin Cassidy at her Junior Prom! Jake got all dressed up and we went to watch Cassidy take pictures at her school. We also went to her date's house to see some more pictures there. Is her dress absolutely beautiful or what?!? I, of course, was just elated that Jake didn't spit up on all that gorgeousness! He was a trooper!

April also brought Jake's first Easter. I was so excited as a new Mom to celebrate Christ's resurrection with my little guy. Of course, I was also excited to do the other fun festivities -- getting an Easter basket ready for him and, of course, finding an Easter bunny!

That proved to be a challenge, to say the least! I scoured the local newspapers looking for an Easter Bunny in the area. We had to have Jake's first Easter with a bunny, don't you think? Well, I found the best idea: The Easter Bunny was at Johnson Creek! At the outlet mall! Parents, bring your own camera for a photo op! Perfect, I thought. Everything starts at 2:00. We got there about 2:20 and the bunny was no where to be found. We looked, we asked at the Nike store, we were taken down to the mall office. Oh, the Easter bunny was done by 2:15. "Excuse me?!?" Oh, goodness. But the good news! "He's down at the Gap store doing the fashion show." Follow that bunny!!! Well, this determined mama found that bunny and got the age old picture for Jake's memory book. And boy was it a memory for the story books!

Easter morning came and we rose mighty early for the sunrise service at church. Thankfully it wasn't much earlier than our usual time (mine and Jake's usual time, that is). Daddy had a little tougher time getting up and going. But our Easter service was phenomenal, as always. And I was so excited to get our first family picture in front of the collection of flowers at the front of church. It's fun to start getting those monumental pictures taken.

Alleluia! He is arisen!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Madness

It's been just over a month since our last post and it's been a month of March Madness. Not the basketball kind, mind you (although Bill has been keeping tabs on his brackets) but the madness that comes with a new routine.

Our routine of all three of us getting up early, Daddy getting early snuggles with Jake while I get ready for work, leaving before the sun is up, and getting very acclimated with our new best friends Emily, Mike, Wolfie, and Gabe. Emily is Jake's sitter and she is FANTASTIC! While I thought going back to work was going to be the hardest thing in the world, it's been an easy transition. Gabe is Jake's new playmate. He's about 10 months old (6 months older than Jake) and loves having someone his age to play with at home! We feel so grateful to have the Krills in our life!

Amongst that new routine is a relaxing day on Thursdays. That's the day Nana comes to take care of Jake. Not sure who loves this more -- Nana for the snuggle time, Jake for the extra lovin', or me for the slower start to the day! It's been a real treat, that's for sure!

We have now passed Jake's 4-month mark. He is coming in at the following percentiles: 47% for head size, 30% for length, and 3% for weight. He is definitely my little peanut! The doctor does not have any concerns though, which is great. We also have the go ahead to start solids whenever we choose. Jake has shown us he's interested in foods by taking two chunks out of Daddy's apple last week. Yikes! :)

As I look back over the last month, I cannot believe how much he has changed once again. Just this morning we were playing and to see him hold toys on his own, turn them, admire them -- it's just so fasacinating. A new favorite show of mine is "One Born Every Minute" on Lifetime. Each episode follows three women through labor and delivery. Each delivery is a success -- another miracle of God's. And each day we have the opportunity to watch our little miracle do something new and exciting! Life is good!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

4 months old!!

Watch me move! Mommy put me on my tummy this way.......and this is how far I moved! Yeah!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heart Warmers

In the last couple of weeks I have gotten all of the pictures on the computer since Jake was born. They are organized, necessary pictures are printed, and I am starting to fill them into the various baby books. I learned not to let three months go by before getting pictures printed! Yikes! :)

In looking back over the last three months (Yes -- my baby is 3 months old today!!) I cannot believe the transition that has already happened before our very eyes. He has gotten bigger, longer, and so much fun.

But the most heart warming thing to see in these pictures is the bond between Jake and his daddy! There is nothing better than looking at the two of them, snuggled up together, loving it up completely!

Tummy Time with Daddy

Playing "Peek-A-Boo"

At Daddy's work party -- wearing my tux!

Bath time with Daddy -- who has more fun??
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!